Six Instructional DVDs Plus Extras

Six Instructional DVDs Plus Extras
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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional poker player?

This is the most complete collection of poker how-to DVDs ever assembled. This set not only contains 6 instructional DVDs with hours of strategic poker playing tips and advice from the some of the world's most successful poker professionals, but also a pack of World Poker Tour playing cards and a Professional Casino grade Dealer Button.

With Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Poker System you can finally turn that dream into a reality! This incredible, jam-packed video features Phil's never-before-seen Million Dollar Secrets that will change your game literally over night!

Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Secrets to Bluffing and Tells will jump-start your ability to master the game of poker in virtually no time at all! This amazing video features dozens of Million Dollar Secrets!

Nine time World Champion Phil Hellmuth Jr. has won more money playing poker tournaments than anyone in the world! Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Tournament Strategies will show you step-by-step what it takes for YOU to become a champion! These great Million Dollar Secrets have never been shared with the public, UNTIL NOW! With Phil's Million Dollar Tournament Strategies, you'll learn everything you need to know about tournament play from A to Z!

Learn how the pros are making millions of dollars playing poker outside of big money tournaments. Win big without ever having to leave your house! Phil Hellmuth Jr. will show you everything you need to know with Million Dollar Online Poker Secrets. Become a winning poker player over the Internet! All the information you'll ever need is contained right here on this amazing breakthrough video!

Get Ready to Learn:
  • Strategy
  • Pot Odds
  • When to Hold'Em
  • When to Fold'Em
  • Phil's Top Ten Hands
  • Phil's Majority Play Hands
  • Poker Psychology
  • Bluffing Your Way Into Huge Pots
  • Reading Your Opponent Like a Book
  • Trapping Your Opponents When You Have a Strong Hand
  • Winning Even If your Hand is Weak
  • Knowing When and How to Bluff
  • Sensing Your Opponent's Weaknesses and Strengths
  • Entering a Tournament
  • Building a Chip Lead During the First Few Hours of Play
  • Making It to the Final Table
  • Building Your Stack by Stealing the Blinds
  • Defending Yourself Against the World Champion Players
  • Winning If You are Low on Chips
  • Maintaining Your Chip Leads
  • Bluffing and Tells
  • Tournament Strategies
  • Final Table Strategies
  • What Internet Sites to Play
  • Online Pot Odds
  • Online Bluffs and Tells
  • Gaining Special Inside Information About Your Opponents
  • Playing Multiple Games at Once
  • Winning Online Tournaments
  • Winning Online Cash Games
  • Secret Tips and Never-Before-Seen Strategies
  • Much, Much More!


    AS SEEN ON TV! Get the real deal from The Professor of Poker, Howard Lederer.

    These how-to videos from one of the industry's top-ranking pros offers a unique, insider's perspective on the world's most popular poker game, Texas Hold'em. Entertaining and easy to follow, the video lets you in on the psychology of the game, with tournament-level tips, tricks, strategies and secrets such as:

  • FREE Pre-Flop Strategy Chart
  • Sizing up your opponents
  • Spotting Tells
  • How to figure Outs

    Whether you're preparing to enter your first tournament, hitting a local casino, or just playing at home with your poker buddies, Howard can help you be the best player you can be. Approximate running time is 90 minutes for the first video.

    In his second how-to video, Howard Lederer offers you a professional and insider's view of the world's most popular poker game, Texas No-Limit Hold'Em. Entertaining and easy to follow, this video is the poker video that can help any player improve their game.

  • FREE Advanced Pre-Flop Strategy Chart
  • MORE betting strategy
  • MORE hints about spotting Tells
  • MORE clues on bluffing
  • MORE tips on suited connectors
  • MORE ideas about slow play
  • MORE stories about championship play

    Whether you're preparing to enter your first tournament, hitting a local casino, or just playing at home with your poker buddies, Howard can help you be the best player you can be. Approximate running time is 100 minutes.


    Own the Official World Poker Tour Playing Cards used in the Hollywood Home Game Tournament. The hottest televised poker tournament meets the highest quality playing cards to bring you the true feel and playability of the top casino card! Perfect for Texas Hold'em or any card game, this deck is highly durable - with the best shuffle and snap. Retains shape and feel after hours and hours of play.

    This is an officially licensed product and we are an authorized dealer for The World Poker Tour.


    A 2 inch Diameter dealer button which has the word dealer engraved on both sides and highlighted in black. The thickness of the button is about 1/4 inch thick. This is the same one as used in the casino.