Sardo Tight Rack M-5000

Sardo Tight Rack M-5000
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Product Description

The Sardo M-5000 was the Official Rack of the US Open 9-Ball Championship and Derby City Classic in 2005.

The Sardo M-5000 Rack is made of durable, carbonite plastic which makes the unit extremely durable and sturdy. The side wings and base are all one piece.

There are numerous advantages and reasons to use the Sardo M-5000 Rack. Some of these advantages are that the Sardo M-5000 is only 4 inches from the surface of the table (compared to 7 inches for the M-3000). The new Sardo M-5000 Rack weighs only 1 and one-half pounds (compared to 3 and one-half pounds for the M-3000). The balls are visible by looking directly through a maze of pressure pins which eliminates any possibility of glare off any plastic shield. The crystal-looking surface of the Sardo M-5000 Rack makes it beautiful as well as sturdy.