Poker Insight DVD Volume 4 - Expert Play

Poker Insight DVD Volume 4 - Expert Play
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This DVD series boasts the following well accomplished professional players: TJ Cloutier, Greg Raymer, Men the master Nyugen, Barry Greenstein, Ted Forrest, Tom Franklin, James Worth and Warren Karp.

This DVD series takes a different perspective on how to convey information to the audience. It provides the viewer a round table format, getting many views from . The moderator Warren Karp poses a question and the players begin discussing the topic. The audience gets various points of view from the different players and even some disagreements between these great pro's. From this open discussion format, you can really get a sense of the different factors that go into making poker decisions,invaluable during the learning process.

Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes

Poker Insight Volume Four

  • Tournament Hands
  • High Stakes Tactics
  • Tournament Hands (After the Flop)
  • Tournament Hands (The Turn)
  • Tournament Hands (The River)
  • Card Mechanics
  • Poker Tips & Tells (47-61)