Portable Flair Bartending Bar

Portable Flair Bartending Bar
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Product Description

The Flairco Portable Bar is designed to provide beverage service for almost any bar situation imaginable, with an easy setup and teardown. This versatile bar unit is ideal for patios, special events and drink promotions as it does not require a great deal of labor or time to assemble while being able to accommodate most bar needs. As well, the bar unit is very durable, having been tested by competitive flair bartenders at events around the world.

The entire bar sets up in approximately five minutes with a minimal number of tools. When packed, the bar fits into the road case which forms the lower supports and can be wheeled away in less time than it takes to set up. The upper and lower bar tops, along with the side bracing are all made from a thick high quality plastic that is designed to be submerged in water. This ensures the bar will withstand any spills of ice, water, liquor and juices found on a bar. This material is very durable and easy to clean. The bar itself measures 31" x 10" x 25" when packed into the road case that is also the base of the bar. When assembled, the bar is strong enough to support the weight of a grown man on top of the base sides. The main bar top measures 56" long by 22" deep while the upper bar top measures 54" long by 12" deep. The ice well is a full size bus bin with additional inserts for another eight juice containers, bottles or any extra supplies. The metal speed rail fits 12 1L bottles and is very sturdy. Once packed, the road case has wheels and a handle for easy transport. New for 2006 is a detachable curtain to cover the front and sides of the portable bar unit once assembled.

With the current production model, the Flairco portable bar is only available in one size and color (black). Starting in mid August 2006, the Flairco Portable Bar will also be available in red and blue. The new detachable curtain is available at an additional cost when requested. We understand that the bar unit represents a substantial investment, but we are confident in the practicality and durability of our product.

Inspired by Steve Dorsey's Ironing board/night side table/ duct tape bar set up in Florida we realized that our vision of a portable bar was actually needed by performance bartenders. So here it is and next time you see Steve Dorsey say "Hey, Thanks Steve and hopefully you will find a new place to do your ironing."

The Flair Bar weighs in at low low Air travel friendly 66 lbs US. (For the bartenders in the UK this is not the price) It is actually 29 Kilos for the rest of the world. The set up and tear down time after a very little practice is approximately 5 minutes. CALL FOR DETAILS: 1-888-707-4504!

  • Dimensions are: Closed / Base: 31" x 10" x 25".

  • Assembled: main bar top - 56" long x 22" deep

  • Upper bar top: 54" long x 12" deep