Deluxe Poker & Blackjack Table Top w/ Case

Deluxe Poker & Blackjack Table Top w/ Case
Item# WD-TM10-8221
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Product Description

This tabletop is very convenient and is solid and durable.

One side is an 8-player position poker table complete with individual trays for poker chips and a drink holder. These trays are removable and fit into the other side of the table, which is a black jack table on the opposite side. The blackjack table has the standard Las Vegas style markings on the high quality green felt.

This tabletop has a really nice feel to it.

The best thing about this tabletop is its convenience. It is very easy to travel with as it fits into the trunk of a car. Itís not very heavy for travel but it is solid enough for durable use. Folding the table in half reduces the size to 2 feet by 4 feet for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

The table is made from 1/2 inch wood and covered with a professional style green felt. It is a 48 by 48 inch tabletop, which fits very nicely onto a card table or any kitchen table and instantly transforms it into a poker or blackjack table. New Features Include: Free Black Nylon Carrying Bag with Heavy Duty 2 Way Zipper & Double Strap Handle! New Trays now have 2 spring-loaded pins for a secure fit into the table!

Click above to check out the larger picture to get a good look at this exclusive offering. The poker and blackjack supplies shown in the photos are sold separately and are available on this website.


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