Corona Citrus / Lime Blaster

Corona Citrus / Lime Blaster
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Product Description

Corona Citrus / Lime Blaster
Finally a product for all the Corona and other Mexican beer drinkers out there. We've all experienced it, you try to push a lime wedge into your beer, and the lime juice squirts everywhere, and gets everywhere except for in your beer where you want it! The Citrus Blaster solves this issue, allowing you to enjoy your Corona Extra beer in style!

Product Features:

No more sticky fingers, or citrus in your eyes!

Easy to clean

Constructed from food grade resin - engineered to last!

Absolutely no mess!

Easy to use!

Totally sanitary!

Re-useable & dishwasher safe!

Great conversation piece in bars & clubs!

No batteries required!

It squeezes your lime wedge for you, extracting 100% of the juice in your beer, and it plunges the wedge into the beer. Smack down, and the lime will shoot to the bottom of the bottle. No more trying to cover the top with a thumb and turn up side down to get the lime to the bottom of your beer to create that great taste. It does all of this without ever having to touch the lime!! A sure let me see that again item!

Makes a great gift!

INDIVIDUAL corona blaster (these are also offered in 5 packs or by the dozen)

Made of plastic resin