Black and Tan Kit by Brutul

Black and Tan Kit by Brutul
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Black and Tan Kit by Brutul
Do you enjoy consuming silky, dry Irish stouts, such as those brewed by Guinness, Murphy's, and Beamish?

Do you also enjoy the occasional hoppy ale, malty lager, or crisp pilsner?

Then why not enjoy the attributes of your favorite light and dark beers individually - and simultaneously - in the same glass?

Then this is definitely the kit you've been looking for! This specially designed versatile beer layering device, the Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle! Create the classic Black and Tan and other delicious layered beers right from the comfort of your own home! Equipped with the "Snapper" bottle opener, this handsome Chelonian pours a delicious layered beer time after time.

This 6 piece Black & Tan Kit includes:

1 BAR TOWEL - Made in Turkey from the finest long-staple Turkish cotton. Standard "British Pub" dimensions (9" x 19"). Absorbent yet compact double-loop jacquard construction (650 grams/square meter).

2 COASTERS - Elegant and bold. Heavy 18/8 stainless steel (1.2 mm) with a cork bottom

2 GLASSES - 16 oz. pub tumblers. Exceptional clarity, incomparable durability with the official BRUTUL name.

1 LAGERHEAD TURTLE - the key to this ingenious kit, the ultimate tool for creating your black and tan perfectly every time! (*Note: a portion of the proceeds go to supporting turtles through the Lagerhead Conservatory Foundation)

How to Create a Black and Tan Drink Start by selecting your beer. The canned Irish stouts brewed by Guinness, Murphy's and Beamish work very well with the Turtle, and are highly recommended for the top (black) layer. Suggestions for the bottom (tan) layer can be can be quite a long list, but usually are Bass, Harp, or Sam Adams. Experimentation is Essential and can be fun!

Simply chill the beer, then half-fill a standard pint glass with the bottom beverage (pour a good head so you liberate the CO2). Place the Lagerhead Turtle on the rim of the glass, then gradually pour the Irish stout over the turtle's back to form the top layer.


Pours the PERFECT Black n' Tan every time!