Bar Cocktail Shaker Set

Bar Cocktail Shaker Set
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Bar Cocktail Shaker Set
This classic and cool bar set is made up of commercial quality bartending accessories. This is what you commonly see professional bars and restaurants using to create that perfect drink and show a touch of class! A great set for your home bar, make your next drink like a pro!

The kit includes the following:

1 28 oz cocktail shaker (stainless steel)

1 four prong bar strainer (stainless steel)

1 16oz recipe shaker glass

The recipe mixing glass nicely complements the included 28 oz cocktail shaker, as this recipe glass is great for enjoying any drink! The high quality glass is encompassed by the following drinks:

1) Martini 2) Gibson 3) Whiskey Sour 4) Manhattan 5) Barcardi 6) Daiquiri 7) Tom Collins

These seven drinks not only list name and ingredients, but also have a cartoon drawing on the top of each! The amounts are measurable by a "yardstick" style measurer alongside the glassware. The strainer is great for separating the ice and your drink in a very controlled method, no more spilling when tryin to keep the ice out! And the classic, mirror finish twenty-eight ounce cocktail shaker tin is the definition of a bar, as it is commonly known to be the workhorse of the bar. You will use this set again and again, order today!


The 3 pieces you need to mix a drink - pint glass, standard 30oz shaker, and strainer - just add ice!