5 Traxon Wine Chiller Mood Lights

5 Traxon Wine Chiller Mood Lights
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Product Description

5 Traxon Wine Chiller Mood Lights
Imagine this sitting in the middle of the room at your next party, containing a bottle of champagne on ice, morphing through 30 different vibrant colors. An elegant, functional and always topical way to keep your drinks chilled and servable, this stylish Traxon Mood Light Chiller is as elegant as it is functional, and will leave everyone wondering where you got it. This is exactly the type of unique ambience that sets New York bars apart from those found elsewhere!

Now bring that same feeling of chic décor and elegance home! Impress your next date, spruce up your home bar, or add a touch of class to bottle service at your bar or restaurant. This is the perfect piece to set your nightclub apart from all the others out there!

As seen on the Home and Garden (HGTV) popular show "I Want That" This top quality Traxon element features:

High quality polycarbonate plastic with aluminum trim and a frosted semi-transparent finish

Approx. 8 hours battery life, fully charging in less than 3 hours - or use it's power supply!

Water Resistant (for the ice)

LED unit offers 30 different colors to choose from!

Dimensions: Approx 10.5 inch diameter and 11.5 inch height

www.thebarstop.com is a registered and qualified reseller of Traxon product line. For more information on the Traxon Mood Light Chiller and all other Traxon products, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll help make your environment a true experience!

Slowly morphs through 30 different colors

Height: 11 3/8" Diameter: 10 6/8"

Made of aluminum, quality plastic with frosted semi-transparent finish

Rechargeable (approx. 8 hours of battery life, recharges in about 3 hours). Charger unit is included